Liam made another big step today: he accomplished phase one of PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).

What that means is this: Using Molly’s Blueberry Puffs as an incentive, Liam independently and spontaneously selected a picture of the sign language image for more, brought it to Courtney, and exchanged the picture for Puffs. He did this at least ten times in a row after I showed him how to do it three times.

Why is this important? It’s the first of six phases in teaching Liam to use a functional communication system that allows him to communicate his wants and needs on his own terms and will be a bridge across which he can learn vebal communication.

I wish you all could have seen his little man face light up as he realized that he could pick up the picture from the other room and exchange it for what he wanted. A few times he even put the picture to his lips, seeming to know that this was a word, that words come from mouths, they are received by others, and then things happen!

I’m so proud of my little dude. Way to go buddy!



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