Confirmation Day

[Originally posted February 13th 2013 by Courtney]

Today was a big day. Matt, Liam and I drove into Chicago today to have Liam evaluated and perhaps diagnosed with autism.

When we were called back into the postcard-sized room with 6 professionals sitting around ready to pounce on Liam, and play a round of 20 questions with us, it was a bit intimidating.

Liam, of course rose to the challenge and was a super star. Matt and I smiled with pride as the 6 individuals fell in love him while trying to take a peek into his world.

And then they all left and came back and gave us the confirmation we were looking for.

Confirmation that Liam has autism.

AND {more importantly}

Confirmation that Liam is intelligent.

Confirmation that Liam is adorable. {they actually wrote that in the report}

Confirmation that Liam is kind.

Confirmation that Liam is learning.

Confirmation that we are on the right path.

Confirmation that Liam’s future is bright.

So. We continue down our path on this journey with Liam. He learns as we teach and we learn as he teaches. We do not despair. We hope. We trust. We work. We cry. We celebrate. We try harder. We succeed.

Thank you for thinking of us today, for praying with us. Community makes you stronger. We are stronger because of Liam and because of you.

XO Team Oakes


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